About us

Hunter Biotechnology Co. Ltd.(Hunter) was founded in March 2010, in December 2, 2015 successfully listed on the new board, stock code: 834413. Westech biological outsourcing service based high-tech companies in Asia's first application of "water white rat" - zebrafish were screened, drug efficacy and safety evaluation, health care function evaluation and toxicity evaluation.

The company's technology team is a team of zebrafish experts, toxicologists, pharmacologists, biochemists, biologists, geneticists and developmental biologists, molecular biology, high-throughput screening of GLP experts, management experts of the world's leading biotechnology research and development and application of the zebrafish team, with advanced international and domestic leading zebrafish model to evaluate the proprietary technology system based on certificate the report detailed evaluation of drugs and health products.

The existing facilities of the company are all designed according to the standards of European and American advanced countries. 12 different strains of zebrafish were introduced and constructed in the breeding center, which contained nearly 20 thousand adult adult zebrafish, and more than 100 thousand zebrafish embryos were produced.

The company developed the first domestic aquaculture enterprises and the standard of zebrafish zebrafish breeding zebrafish, pharmacodynamics, toxicology and pharmacology safety evaluation standard of operation (SOP) 110, SCI and core journals published more than 40 articles (up to IF=12), English published 1 monographs.

Since its establishment, the company completed a total or ongoing drug screening, pharmacodynamics and safety evaluation of the project is about 1000, total number of screening and evaluation of more than 5000 samples, maintain long-term contact with the project team of the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, research institutions and universities in more than 200.

Clients now have GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Senofi (Sanofi), Tasly, Kanion pharmaceutical, ChiaTai Qingchunbao, Qizheng Tibetan medicine, medicine, Huadong medicine, Stockhausen East sunshine, pharmaceutical, Hisun, Conba, Minsheng pharmaceutical, Yangshengtang, perfect, new, unlimited, Research Institute, food and drug identification China Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai China drugs, China Military Medical Science Academy of the PLA, China Academy of Sciences Kunming Institute of Botany, Zhejiang new drug safety evaluation center, Zhejiang University School of medicine, Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences and a number of domestic and foreign customers.