It can provide detailed experimental evaluation reports such as efficacy evaluation, mechanism research, quality control research and biological potency evaluation. Based on the special zebrafish technology platform, it can provide rapid, efficient, reliable and cost-effective inspection outsourcing services for pharmaceutical, Chinese medicine and health care products development enterprises and research institutions.

     Drug screening and pharmacodynamic evaluation Use of approved drugs fornonapproved uses、New drug formulationscomparison Preclinical toxicology Me-too, Me-betterDrug advantage comparisonFish efficacyevaluateplatform Traditional Chinese medicine study◆Effective site screening◆Toxicity split assessment◆Authentic ingredients◆Quality control Compound bioavailability& bioactivity evaluation Drug targets identification Mechanisms study Drug quality control◆Biological potency assessment◆Abnormal toxicity evaluation◆Impurity toxicity testing◆Drug excipients evaluation