Toxicity & Safety

Huter offers zebrafish-basedchemical toxicityandecotoxicologyassessmentaccording to OECD and China’sguidelinesfor testing of chemicals. 

OECD 203 Fish,  Acute  Toxicity  Test
OECD 204  Fish, Prolonged Toxicity Test
OECD 210 Fish, Early-life Stage Toxicity Test
OECD 212 Fish, Short-term Toxicity Test on Embryo and Sac-Fry Stages
OECD 215 Fish, Juvenile Growth Test
OECD 229 Fish Short Term Reproduction Assay
OECD 230 21-day Fish Assay
OECD-305 Bioconcentration Flow-through Fish Test
OECD 236 fish embryo toxicity test
OECD 234 Fish sexual development test