Data name Release date Operation
Investigation of hemostatic effect of Spleen-invigorating, Qi-replenishing and Blood-arresting Formula on simvastatin-induced zebrafish hemorrhage model 2017-11-24 Download
Zebrafish Thrombosis Model for Assessing Antithrombotic Drugs 2016-07-18 Download
Low-dose exposure of silica nanoparticles induces cardiac dysfunction via neutrophil-mediated inflammation and cardiac contraction in zebrafish embryos 2015-12-17 Download
Multi-step usage of in vivo models during rational drug design and discovery 2015-10-10 Download
Tween-80 and Impurity Induce Anaphylactoid Reaction in Zebra 2015-07-15 Download
Toxicity induced by Basic Violet 14, Direct Red 28 and Acid Red 26 in zebrafish larvae 2015-07-15 Download
Secretion of intestinal goblet cells_ A novel excretion pathway of nanoparticles 2015-07-15 Download
Recombinant disintegrin domain of ADAM15 inhibits the proliferation and migration of Bel-7402 cells 2015-07-15 Download
Rapid analysis of hypolipidemic drugs in a live zebrafish assay 2015-07-15 Download
Mutations inPOFUT1, Encoding Protein O-fucosyltransferase 1 2015-07-15 Download
Human prokinetic drugs promote gastrointestinalmotility in zebrafish 2015-07-15 Download
Human cardiotoxic drugs delivered by soaking and microinjection induce cardiovascular toxicity in zebrafish 2015-07-15 Download
Developmental Toxicity of Diclofenac and Elucidation 2015-07-15 Download
Bioactive C 21 Steroidal Glycosides from the Roots of Cynanchum 2015-07-15 Download
A zebrafish phenotypic assay for assessing drug-induced hepatotoxicity 2015-07-15 Download
6'-O-caffeoylarbutin inhibits melanogenesis in zebrafish 2015-07-15 Download